UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Sanitizer Stainless Steel Insulated


  • Innovative UV-C technology purifies water on the go.
  • Self-cleaning feature eliminates harmful microorganisms.
  • Say goodbye to mold, odors, and the hassle of manual cleaning.
  • Enjoy pure, pathogen-free hydration wherever you are.
  • Convenience and health in a single, eco-friendly bottle.
  • Cutting-edge UV-C light sterilizes water, making it safe to drink.
  • Low-maintenance design automates cleaning for hassle-free use.
  • Reduce single-use plastic waste and contribute to sustainability.
  • Stay hydrated with confidence, knowing your water is clean and healthy.


Are you tired of worrying about the purity of your water while on the go? Say hello to the UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, your ultimate hydration solution. This innovative bottle not only keeps your water clean and safe but also simplifies your life in the process.

Experience Clean and Safe Hydration

Cutting-Edge UV-C Technology: Imagine a water bottle that does more than just hold water; it keeps it impeccably clean. With state-of-the-art UV-C technology, this bottle effectively rids your water of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, ensuring every sip is refreshingly pure.

Enjoy Hassle-Free, Self-Cleaning

Bid farewell to the days of tiresome manual cleaning and the fear of mold and lingering odors. Our UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle takes care of all that for you. The built-in UV-C light source automatically activates, sterilizing both your water and the interior of the bottle. So, go ahead and take that sip with unwavering confidence.

Ideal for Your Lifestyle

  • Adventure Seekers: If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, camper, hiker, or just someone who loves nature, this bottle is your perfect companion. Enjoy a sip from any water source without ever questioning its purity.
  • Globetrotters: Frequent travelers will find peace of mind in our self-cleaning water bottle. Whether you’re in a bustling city or a remote village, trust that your water is always safe to drink.
  • Daily Grind: For the daily commuters or those with long work hours, this bottle is a true lifesaver. The self-cleaning feature keeps your water fresh and pure, allowing you to stay hydrated all day.

Sustainability in Every Sip

By choosing our UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, you’re not only benefiting your health but also making an eco-conscious choice. You’ll significantly reduce your consumption of single-use plastic bottles, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. With durable, eco-friendly materials, this bottle is the perfect fit for the environmentally conscious.

Prioritizing Your Well-Being

Our UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle is more than just a water container; it’s a health guardian, a time-saver, and a sustainability statement. Say goodbye to concerns about waterborne diseases and the time-consuming cleaning routines. Embrace the future of hydration and raise a toast to clean, safe, and pathogen-free drinking — your health and the planet will thank you.

Additional information


16.9 fl. oz. / 500 ml

Weight (with Cap):

0.96 lb


High-grade Stainless Steel


Rechargeable (Li-Polimer) Battery

Battery Life:

Up to 2 months


USB-C Rechargeable


2.75 Inches / 7 cm


9.84 Inches / 25 cm


Integrated Temperature Sensor

Light Module:

UVC Self-Cleaning Module


280 nm Wavelength